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Is access to medical care a human right?

We think so.

We're on the frontlines of the
global fight against COVID-19

What We Do

Who are we

Affordable, high-efficiency, integrated community healthcare facilities, network architecture and eHealth software.


Functional, quality-focused, needs-based disruptive medical technology manufactured within state-of-the-art production systems.


Experienced biomedical engineers, physicians, business developers and researchers advising on-the-ground healthcare systems development.

Design Philosophy

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Clinician-led Design Teams

The physicians and surgeons who will use our products are included at all touchpoints from start to finish within the design process.

Our medical technologies are designed to be patient-centered, sustainable, and developed at price points that ensure global equity and access.

Systems-level Thinking

Our innovation model operates within the broader context of health care systems.

Our commitment to systems-level innovation drives high-impact solutions in everything from surgical instrumentation to electronic medical databases.


Meet the team

Harvey Hawes MD

Harvey Hawes is a Vancouver-based Trauma Surgeon and holds appointments at the University of Texas at Houston and Fiji National University. Harvey is the Executive Director of  technology at Innovative Canadians for Change.  He has spent time with Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Committee of the Red Cross.  Having worked in many resource-limited and remote settings globally, Harvey seeks disruptive technologies and systems-level solutions for health care challenges.

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Abdullah Saleh MD

Abdullah Saleh is a Pediatric Surgeon at the University of Alberta, and is the founder and Chief Executive Director of Innovative Canadians for Change.  His interests include systems thinking and architecture, development technology and its implementation, human rights and improving access to medical services and surgery in remote settings. His global health efforts have been honored by the World Health Organization and SXSW.  

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Hasan Hamze MPH

Hasan Hamze is a Public Health professional and MD candidate at the University of British Columbia.  He is an executive member of Innovative Canadians for Change. He has an interest in improving access to medical care in remote areas, infectious disease prevention through public health, and innovative technologies.  He has worked in Canada, eastern and western Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.  He is widely published in infectious diseases and public health.

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