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Multi-tier Low-cost Ventilator Research, Development & Prototyping
In partnership with Rice University Engineering, we are creating the next-generation of HALO-class (high-acuity limited-operability) ventilators.
Our efficient, inexpensive, and life-saving designs will be an open-source effort in the global response to offset the deficit of ventilators cause by the COVID-19 pandemic.
See how this collaboration between Rice University and Metric Technologies brings together engineering, global health, and software knowledge to contribute to the global effort against COVID-19
The 1st-generation automatic bag-valve-mask (AutoBVM) was developed by a talented team of Rice University students and Dr. Rohith Malya, who have made their innovative design open-source for maximal global access and social impact. Their work went on to inspire the more recent versions of our AutoBVMs.
Our long-term vision for APOLLO is a global ventilator solution that removes barriers to access for global surgery and anesthesia for 2 billion people worldwide.
White Paper on Global Mechanical Ventilation Needs
Leading a multi-institutional academic-industry publication to identify best practices for expanding appropriate-use mechanical ventilation for COVID-19 and beyond.
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