Founded by a humanitarian surgeon, Metric Technologies responds to the challenges encountered in the real world




Though we are a technology company, we believe that the real change comes from the power in developing systems

Systems thinking:

3D printed surgical instruments will allow more surgeons to perform more operations, at a cost affordable to many - but, that's only a small piece of the puzzle.

At Metric, immediately after designing a technical solution, we ask "How can this fit into a larger system?". For example, by developing low-cost, high-efficiency hospitals - creating a space in which to perform surgery - we can increase the reach of our instruments, and start to create a larger solution.

Taken even one step further, the real "systems innovation" comes from creating all that is needed to support a network of hospitals. Everything from improving and standardizing the education of the healthcare staff, implementation and development of an electronic medical record and database, integrated referral patterns with existing government and private partners, and all the technology and logistics that allow for the functioning of each hospital within a healthcare system.

Sustainable development, improved services at a national level means real change. Metric Technologies and its partners tackle the whole problem.

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Founding Members


Harvey Hawes

Trauma Surgeon


Abdullah Saleh

Paediatric Surgeon, Founder of Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange)


David Janzen

Business Development


Fedja Mulabdic

Senior Device Engineer


ron Platt

Senior Device Engineer


Derrick Bradley