A sustainable pathway for low cost medical devices?



We start with a commitment:

We can bring world-class medical technology to the very low cost market


By offering collaborative design capacity for innovators, from prototype to production, market analysis to regulatory approval

Our products are designed to fit in health care systems - we are pulled into the market




Affordable, high-efficiency, integrated community healthcare facilities, network architecture and eHealth software. Providing quality, integrated medical care where and when it is needed.



Functional, quality medical devices to meet the needs of global providers. Novel design and manufacturing technologies are revolutionizing the industry.


A "birds-eye-view" of medical device development, supported by experienced biomedical engineers, business developers and researchers. Networked to on-the-ground healthcare systems developers, technical institutions and funding sources.

A global killer


Surgical diseases impact individuals, families, nations and economies.

Injury shatters more lives than HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

2 billion people lack access to adequate surgical care. That's over twice as many people as go hungry.

Qualified obstetrical practitioners, cancers screening, wound care clinics reduce death and disability and are cost-effective.

Overcoming the technical challenges and economic hurdles is within our grasp.